White Line Disease

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Hoof Armor used in White Line Disease Research:

This is the mare with the horrible feet. See how much better they are? The farrier couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t seen her feet since last September when he put on shoes. He said she had abscesses, holes in frogs, thrush, white line disease, etc. Couldn’t believe that I sealed it all up in Hoof Armor and it disappeared. He wants to attend the seminars. Betty

These are the photos of Amy Johnson’s warmblood mare that she was going to put down. She had previously been foundered and consequently, got abscesses, hoof rot, etc. and the only treatment she had was to be shod. I took off shoes and sealed the whole hoof top and bottom with Hoof Armor. I put on two coats about two weeks apart the first time in November 2005, but after that just did one coat each in December 2005 and January 2006.

November 1, 2005 before Hoof Armor treatment:

White Line Disease

December 5, 2005: Trimmed and Applying Hoof Armor:

White Line Disease

January 6, 2006 after two months of Hoof Armor:

White Line Disease

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David Jones

David Jones was designing robotics when a farrier put 4 shoes on his horse and guaranteed them for 6 weeks. Two weeks later they had all fallen off. Frustrated, David went to Michigan School of Horseshoeing to learn how to do it himself. When his neighbors found out and offered to pay him, it became a new career path. After teaching horseshoeing nationwide and becoming one of the top Morgan and Saddlebred farriers, David again found himself frustrated. In certain cases, it was nearly impossible for shoes to stay on a horse. There had to be a solution…a protective adhesive coating…nothing to fall off!!! After trying everything available, failure was followed by three years of trial and error formulating. Finally, David developed Hoof Armor, which met his 4 criteria: harder than a hoof, more flexible than a hoof, cures in about a minute or less, and stays on a hoof for up to 100-mile endurance. Now in its 6th formula improvement, Hoof Armor also contains a natural antimicrobial that actually increases elasticity and builds sole thickness, as well as treating White Line Disease, Thrush and wound care. Hoof Armor is now sold worldwide. Combined with David’s simple and conservative trim technique, Hoof Armor horses are in nearly all disciplines and doing 50, 75 and 100 mile races every week.

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