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Hoof Armor Acres
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hoof armor_David Jones

David Jones has been an Engineer for many years and a Blacksmith for 25. David taught horse shoeing and has given many clinics on natural hoof care. He holds five patents, one for an equine lameness recovery system and another for hoof trimming nippers for women.

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hoof armor_BrendaJo Jones

Brenda Jo Jones is a Vermont Tech Agricultural Business graduate now using her knowledge to promote the benefits of natural hoof care and how Hoof Armor can benefit a horse and relieve horse owner concerns about natural hoof care and protection.

(610) 960-6441

Please call or email Brenda Jo for the quickest response.

If anyone would like to bring their horse to Hoof Armor Acres and learn to use Hoof Armor please let Brenda Jo know.  Also, I am willing to trailer my horse to your location (within a 2 to 3 hour haul) and demonstrate the Hoof Armor application.

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