What is Hoof Armor®?

Hoof Armor, hoof protection, is a tough, durable and protective, yet flexible abrasive resistant adhesive coating used to protect the bottom of a horse’s hoof from excessive wear and chipping. It is more flexible than the hoof so it doesn’t restrict the natural expansion and contraction of the hoof. Hoof Armor allows natural expansion for optimum circulation, hoof health and protects the sole of the hoof while it becomes stronger and more resistant to stone bruising. The thickness of the hoof sole is the key to stone insensitivity. Applied to the sole, hoof wall bottom edge, the frog and heel bulbs, it simply protects against wear, chipping and abrasion. Being flexible Hoof Armor will work with any trimming technique.

How long does it last?

On typical use (trail riding, ring work) it lasts from trim to trim, or about six weeks. Then it is trimmed off with the excess hoof and reapplied. And riders have successfully completed 50 to 100-mile endurance rides over all types of terrains including the 2010 WEG, the 2011 President’s Cup in Abu Dhabi and the Great Santa Fe Trail race which covered 50 miles a day for 10 days.

Does it seal the hoof from breathing?

Contrary to popular belief the hoof below the live coronary, from which it grows, doesn’t breathe.
The hoof is nourished from within. Recent University of Penn studies showed that the cells of the outer hoof are denser to seal the moisture level in the hoof (optimum level: wall = 25%, sole = 50%). The coronary itself creates a varnish coating as the hoof wall grows out that maintains moisture. Hoof Armor just does the same on the bottom. Year round use of Hoof Armor will maintain the same moisture level and the hooves will look great all the time. Hoof Armor can be applied to the frog and heel bulbs for additional protection on rough surfaces.

Does it protect against stone bruising?

Hoof Armor can help protect against penetration but, being flexible, may not completely prevent bruising.
Hoof Armor allows a horse to feel its feet. The key to stone protection is a thicker sole; more thickness between the stones and the sensitive sole. Hoof Armor is used to protect the sole from wear while it grows thicker and tougher.

What is it made with? Is it toxic?

Hoof Armor’s ingredients are a trade secret, but it is essentially a non-toxic epoxy base. The main ingredients of this formula are approved by the U.S. FDA for contact with food, another ingredient is a powerful, natural anti-microbial / anti-bacterial agent; and, of course, a lot of Kevlar® the inert bulletproofing material. Hoof Armor has been successfully used for curing White Line Disease!

How is Hoof Armor® applied?

Hoof Armor® comes in a two part dispenser and is pre-mixed as it comes out the nozzle. Hoof Armor® is spread with a gloved hand in a very thin coating. Once Hoof Armor is applied it should be liberally coated with talcum powder. The talcum is slippery and keeps Hoof Armor from smearing until it cures. A cartridge should do eight (8) hooves. Usage on Warmbloods or Minis will cause variations in coverage.

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