Note: Hoof Armor® testimonials are unsolicited emails I cut and paste with no editing except to remove the last names and personal stuff. They are from most recent to some old ones dating back to the early years of HoofArmor® development.

Here in Ocala, Florida it rains every afternoon in the summer, and the grass stays wet overnight. As a result, the wet sand acts as a sort of sandpaper and thins the soles of my barefoot gelding’s feet, so he gets ouchy. Fortunately, I found Hoof Armor, which I apply in early summer. That allows him to grow a thicker sole. It’s been wonderful for me, especially since I can do the application myself. Less expensive than shoes and a lot more convenient.

H.S. & Lectric
Ocala, Florida

7/9/2015 – Just wanted to let you know I had great success treating my horse with my starter kit of your product. She has a club foot and thin soles and frequently goes lame due to sole soreness. Your product allowed her to exercise comfortably barefoot for the first time in over a year! I definitely saw a difference in her soundness and the strength of her hoof wall, which normally crumbled away without the hoof armor. Unfortunately, after I purchased a refill kit from a vendor, who sold an expired kit, a few months ago, my horse’s hoof quality has rapidly deteriorated. She has reverted to lameness, hoof wall separation, and thrush. I took a closer look at the product and notice that there was a date on it from 2013. I wasn’t sure if that was an expiration date or not, but if it is, I thought you should know that they are selling old product that does not seem to work anymore. I just purchased a refill kit from your site to make sure I get the freshest stuff. Thank you and hope it will fix my horse’s problems again!

7/27/2015 Update: Thank you so much! I can see an improvement already! I noticed the older stuff seemed to have a thicker consistency so it probably wasn’t going on thin enough to adhere properly. I love your product and it really helps my horse!

Columbia, SC

Hi! Here’s a shot of my mare’s LH after a 50 mile ride yesterday. She also did 55 three weeks earlier. I have her a very conservative ‘toe’ trim and dipped her quarters in between rides. She was barefoot behind and booted in front. She had 2 left over coats of HA on from the previous ride and I applied one more coat on Thursday before the ride. Just a teeny chip at the quarters/heel area – but it’s apparent that needed to come off anyways.

Super impressed with this stuff! No wear on the sole of her foot and frog is tough as nails with nice callous. Yippee!!!ps1


Nevada City, NV

We tried your hoof armor for the first time last week and wanted to report that we had a very good experience with your product! We are a fox hunting family, and we also like to participate in summer activities in the off season. We had to fire our Farrier recently and were left with some horses with pretty bad feet after this last winter’s hunt season. We did find a new, excellent Farrier, but we decided to go ahead and pull shoes off most of our horses and allow them to regrow some healthy feet with some good trimming and care. We purchased several pairs of old mac’s G-2 boots for the fronts and hoof armor for the back to aid with the transition from shoes to barefoot. WOW, I have to admit I was the biggest skeptic, we had a lot of problems with one horse in particular that wouldn’t let us near him with a blow dryer 🙂 and I was sure that I had more of the product on my hands than my horses feet. I wasn’t able to use a mixing tip more than one hoof at a time, and I still wasn’t sure I was applying the product to the correct thickness. I used up two mixing tips on the horse with the blow dryer phobia…. and am unfortunately out of tips but not product.

We had a 12 mile cross country event last Saturday at a location known as Flint Creek, 8 water crossings, sharp, hard rocks all over the place, up and down steep hills, over lots of solid jumps- a very trying terrain! We had three horses in hoof armor on the back feet and WOW what a difference. I am certain the back feet were even better that with shoes as we also hunt that fixture and it is pretty rough. The back feet are not chipped or bruised in any way, I want to continue to use your product also applying it to the fronts and weaning the horses away from boots. We’ve only had steel shoes off our horses for 3 weeks now, hoof armor performed much better than expected and we came back from our event with 3 very sound, healthy horses.

ALSO I have two questions:

What if the hoof armor is applied to the frog? What about the heel bulb? My mare in particular can get cut on the heel bulb when hunting and running through thickets, can I apply hoof armor there to help prevent that?

Thanks so much!!!!

PS, if possible could we get 2 additional mixing tips with our next hoof armor order? I promise I will get better at applying-i am definitely going to take your advice of using gloves, the spatula and I didn’t do so great together.


I would just like to write and say I’ve used Hoof Armor on three of my horses for the last endurance season and it works great! In fact, my Anglo-Arab completed the Michigan Shore to Shore ride this year, plus an additional 100 miles (a total of 350 miles in seven consecutive days) in August. He was barefoot and we applied hoof armor the day before we left. Held up all seven days. He also did a VERY rocky 155 mile ride in July with just hoof armor, again, he did great. I have suggested this to many riders of barefoot horses I’ve met on the trail. All I can say is everyone should give it a try!


Wow! Your product is absolutely fantastic. I was at my wit’s end with one of my horses (Friesian/Quarter cross). She has nice big feet, nice thick soles, and nice thick walls but her hooves seem to be quite porous instead of very dense like my Paint. They dry out fast and soften up fast. She’s very hard on her feet naturally just the way she turns and moves plus we have tons of quartz in the area. Wasn’t so bad until she got grown, and the bigger and heavier she became, the worse beating her hooves took. She was constantly breaking off big pieces of wall and wearing her feet down to nubs. Started getting abscesses after any wet period. Tried all the usual things including even keeping Easyboots on her as much as possible and had been talking about shoes but my farrier and I both felt that would only make it worse and were sure she would tear them off within a matter of days and more hoof along with them. Found you on the web while researching and after the very first application of Hoof Armor, within 3 weeks folks were remarking about how big her feet were getting again (they could actually grow!). After 5 weeks, they were amazed that there were still no more big chunks gone. If you’re ever going to be down toward the Charlotte, NC area for any reason, please let us know. My horse and I would love to meet you and although I’m passing your praises by word of mouth, if you had time while in the area, it would be great to organize a little talk or demo.


The HoofArmor® worked amazingly. I have so many people wanting to know about this product. I am just so impressed. I really want to thank you for all your help and support at the Santa Fe Trail Horse Race.

Thank You Once Again


Just wanted to let you know that since using your amazing product our horses have raced better and more consistent than ever before. We have raced harness horses for over 25 years…Hoof Armor truly is awesome…thanks again…I’m spreading the word…

Dave & Joan Brown
Harness Track

I was astonished to see that where I had put on the HoofArmor® after 4 weeks the sole was still very solid and hard, including two races of 2100 meters each. (Approx 1 1/2 mile) and every day a training trip of 10 Km. (6 miles).


I like the Hoof Armor, and think it is a valuable tool that every Farrier and trimmer should add to their “bag of tricks”.

Pete Ramey

Shadow and Jessie did great at the event show yesterday. The other two horses showing with her had shoes and studs. Shadow is doing fantastic with just the hoof armor.


Just wanted to thank you for such a great product. My horse was almost useless because we couldn’t keep shoes on her. A friend recommended Hoof Armor and I tried it. It’s like I have a new horse.

Margaret and Apache

This stuff is amazing! After the initial adjustment period, he is no longer afraid of sharp rocks or other tough surfaces…he just plows right through. Also, on any slick or slanted surface it feels like he has an amazing grip…like he turns into the horse version of Spiderman! It is weird to feel from the saddle, but he has no slipping and feels more sure footed than ever. The improvements in his hooves are amazing. He has much thicker soles and the hoof walls are improving as well. I finally feel like I am doing the right thing for my horse’s hooves! I am completely amazed at the improvements in his hooves. By the way, I am loving the fact that I can ride in this brutal weather…no problem!! No slippage! and no ice balls!

Dr. Lyndra

We have applied your product twice, once in the dead of a Canadian winter and the next time on a warm Spring day. When we used it for the second time six weeks later, the Hoof Armor was just as good as the first time.

Nancy and David from the Yukon Territory

Hi Brenda Jo,

I wanted to reach out to you again, this time to thank you for a great product!

I adopted a Paso Fino Mare, Nutmeg, from an equine rescue when she was 14 years old.

She had flared front hooves and my farrier (at the time) suggested regular trims every 6 weeks and after a year, the flares were still there.

I requested trims 4 weeks apart, but she didn’t want to do that, so I switched farriers.

At my new farrier’s recommendation, I got Nutmeg’s front feet x-rayed (Nov 2022) which showed rotation of the bone and very thin soles.

My vet advised me to use Keratex for her soles, but I was concerned about the chemicals and my farrier suggested Hoof Armor

We also did front trims every two weeks for three months, and then switched to every four weeks.

At that time, I started using Hoof Armor and using hoof boots for the first few days after trims.

I had her feet x-rayed again this past January.

My vet was thrilled that her soles were much thicker!

I have attached both the first and latest x-rays.

Please feel free to share them with anyone who might benefit from seeing the results of using your product.

I’m so glad that I reached out to you last year.
The information that you sent me was very helpful in my decision to use Hoof Armor.

And, although it was difficult to find at the time, it was worth the wait. I will be a lifelong customer!

Warmest regards,


Administrator Answer

Greetings Claire:

Glad to hear you were able to purchase Hoof Armor.

Please read the attached article, “Does the Hoof need to Breathe?

Great explanation about ingredients found in many hoof hardeners.

Hoof Armor is not a hoof hardener, but a bonding, protective coating.

Claire & Nutmeg

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