Equestrian Patience


Most have heard that it takes a year to grow a completely new hoof, coronary to ground. And no one wants to wait that long. Some have heard that a horse’s bones don’t finish forming until around five years old, but no one wants to wait that long to ride. Is this impatience a recent…

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Hoof Armor New Research

Hoof Armor Research History       Hoof Armor research began in 1999 with the idea to make an adhesive which could be used as a horseshoe replacement on a horse which would not hold steel nailed-on shoes. Rather than gluing on shoes which could fall off, I thought an adhesive coating that could not fall off…

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How to Apply Hoof Armor

The hoof is first trimmed, rasped flat and balanced as required. Please do not pare the sole. It is the horse’s natural stone protection.Note: Professional farrier services or expertise are highly recommended. Step 1 The hoof is wire or stiff bristle brushed and thoroughly cleaned. Step 2 A few beads of Hoof Armor formula are…

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What is Hoof Armor – Q&A

Q: What is Hoof Armor?A: Hoof Armor hoof protection is a tough, yet flexible, abrasive-resistant adhesive coating used to protect the bottom of a horse’s hoof from excessive wear and chipping and also to prevent infections to the rest of the equine foot. Although Hoof Armor is tougher than a hoof, it is more flexible…

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Does Hoof Armor Still Feel Tacky?


I’ve had numerous questions about Hoof Armor feeling sticky or tacky on the surface one or more minutes after application. I never answered that fully. My process has been to coat the hoof bottom with talc after applying Hoof Armor on concrete or rubber mats, so it doesn’t smear. Some people don’t like the hoof…

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