Abrasive-Resistant Anti-Microbial Penetrating Hoof Protection

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Hoof Armor Kits


Starter Kit - Initial purchase

Refill Kit - Subsequent purchases

Nozzle Kit - Small hooved equines and spot applications

Dispenser - Replacement

Hoof Armor hoof protection is protected by U.S. Patent #6,231,972 & #9,861,089.

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Hoof Armor Options

hoof armor 3_starter kit-77Starter Kit

The Hoof Armor® Starter Kit contains a 4:1 dispenser, a 50 ml cartridge of Hoof Armor, eight (8) turbo mix nozzles, two rubber gloves and detailed written instructions.

The starter kit provides enough product to coat approximately eight (8) (saddle horse size) hooves.

With Warmbloods, Drafts or Minis coverage will vary.

Starter Kit Price: $68

hoof armor 3_Refill KitRefill Kit

The Hoof Armor Refill Kit is all you need after the initial purchase of the Hoof Armor Starter Kit.  It contains a cartridge, eight (8) turbo mix nozzles and two gloves.

The Refill kit provides enough product to coat approximately eight (8) (saddle horse size) hooves.

With Warmbloods, Drafts or Minis coverage will vary.

Refill Kit Price: $34

hoof armor 3_nozzle kitNozzle Kit

The Hoof Armor® Turbo Nozzle Kit contains eight (8) turbo mix nozzles, and two rubber gloves.

Nozzle Kit: $10

hoof armor 3_DispenserDispenser

The Hoof Armor Dispenser.  There are detailed instructions on how to assemble the dispenser and insert the cartridge on the last page of the instructions.

View the Dispenser Assembly Instructions Video in the Video Gallery

Dispenser: $34

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What is Hoof Armor?

Hoof Armor hoof protection is a tough, yet flexible, abrasive-resistant adhesive coating used to protect the bottom of a horse’s hoof from excessive wear and chipping and also to prevent infections to the rest of the equine foot. Although Hoof Armor is tougher than a hoof, it is more flexible than a hoof so it doesn’t restrict the natural expansion and contraction of the hoof and allows for optimum circulation and hoof health as well as the horse’s natural gait.

Hoof Armor protects the sole of the hoof while it becomes stronger and more resistant to stone bruising. The thickness of a callused hoof sole is the key to stone protection. Hoof Armor can be applied to the sole, hoof wall, the frog and heel bulbs; wherever and whenever needed. Being flexible, Hoof Armor will work with any trimming technique, or with horseshoes or hoof boots. Hoof Armor’s antimicrobial ingredient has also been found effective in treating and preventing both White Line Disease and Thrush. Hoof Armor is used in all equine disciplines.

Who is it for?

Hoof Armor hoof protection is an easily applied adhesive coating that Hoof Care Professionals and horse owners alike can utilize to protect their barefoot horse’s hooves against abrasion, wear and infection.

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Hoof Armor is nothing like Horseshoes

Unlike horseshoes, Hoof Armor is designed to help strengthen your horse's hooves, rather than weaken them. Like the natural varnish coating the hoof naturally secretes on the top of the hoof, Hoof Armor coats the bottom with a flexible thin layer to retain the hoof’s internal moisture keeping hooves healthy in any environment.

Unlike horseshoes, Hoof Armor protects the sole of the hoof which is the part that gets stone bruised. The thickness of the hoof sole is the key to stone insensitivity.

Unlike metal horseshoes, plastic horseshoes or boots, Hoof Armor is more flexible than the hoof itself and will not restrict the hoof’s natural expansion and contraction.

Unlike horseshoes where the shoes are nailed on every six weeks or so and the hooves are not maintained in the interim, Hoof Armor is part of a hoof maintenance plan that includes proper trimming and conditioning of the hoof just like one would do for the rest of the horse.

anatomy of the hoof_bottom

Hoof Armor is about Barefoot Horses

Hoof Armor was invented to be used in a progressive conditioning program to enable a horse to comfortably and safely go barefoot. For best results when applying Hoof Armor, trim hoof wall level with the sole and do not thin/pare the sole by cutting it concave. Rasp all edges smooth and rounded. Along with a proper trimming routine where the sole is not carved concave and all hoof wall edges are rounded, Hoof Armor is used to help the sole grow thicker enabling it to help the hoof wall support the horse’s weight and to provide protection from bruising.

Besides the protection from wear and chipping provided by Hoof Armor; the sole support, by distributing the weight over a larger area, will protect the hoof wall from cracking and chipping. After horseshoes are removed, it may take as many as two or three applications of Hoof Armor over as many trimming cycles to grow enough sole thickness for the horse to be insensitive to stones and sharp surfaces.

Hoof Armor lets your horse feel the terrain and respond.

Just because your horse takes a misstep every so often, doesn’t mean that he is lame or generally tender over rocks. He’s just saying,” Ouch that was a sharp one,” and avoids stepping on something that could damage his hoof. Now that your horse can feel his feet, it is most natural for him to protect them by not putting all his weight on something sharp. Make sense? Horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot may show an immediate improvement in stone sensitivity, but may also take two or three Hoof Armor applications (trim cycles) to develop their best stone protection depending on the starting condition of the hoof.

anatomy of the hoof_side