Lisa Zachoda
Professional Barrel Racer
2014 Canadian Finals Rodeo Barrel Racing Qualifier
Hoof Armor 
2013 FHA 100
1st Place, Light-weight division Pat & Memphis 
(Tennessee Walker)

Hoof Armor 
2012 Tevis Cup
Tera & Jazz (Morgan) 
Cougar Rock

HoofArmor and Horseshoes…a Good Fit

HoofArmor works great with horseshoes. HoofArmor is designed primarily to protect the sole, which a horseshoe doesn’t. Actually, farriers on the harness track have been using HoofArmor with horseshoes for years because that track is more course than thoroughbred tracks and harder on the soles. HoofArmor is lightweight protection and will not inhibit the gait.

There are two ways of using HoofArmor with horseshoes, either before or after shoeing. Used before shoeing HoofArmor will protect the white line from dirt, infections and gravels. Used after shoeing, particularly if hot shoeing, it is an easy application that will provide sole protection and not change the movement or gaits of a horse.

Unlike pads, where dirt or moisture can get in the back of the pad at the heels, particularly after the shoes and pads have grown down, HoofArmor leaves no opening. Unlike pads which can attract and trap moisture which can soften and weaken the sole, HoofArmor will maintain the sole’s internal moisture level and help strengthen the sole. Unlike rubber pads which can flex and allow nails to loosen, HoofArmor will allow horseshoes to stay tight for the entire shoeing cycle.

HoofArmor is another tool in a farrier’s toolbox!

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